Who We Are

Our Mission

The New Ulm Community Garden at Putting Green is a place where people grow their own healthy produce while forming a sense of community.

2021 Board of Directors

  • Jackie Schuetzle – President
  • Dr. Craig Sievert – Treasurer
  • Renee Peterson – Secretary
  • Wally Stadick
  • Christine Baganz 
  • Andrea Lieser
  • Colleen Ward-Steinman
  • Vacant – Garden Manager
  • Tracie VranichExecutive Director


The idea for Putting Green was launched by a New Ulm family who, on vacation in 1997, discovered a fun family activity—- mini-golf!. On the way home, their 8 year old son was imagining and drawing mini golf holes in the backseat. Aha! Wouldn’t creating a mini golf park be a great way for kids to enjoy hands-on learning in many different disciplines such as physics, math, art, and business? And every good mini golf course needs a theme. With a passion for education and a new found interest in sustainability —that what’s good for the environment and good for business can be one in the same —-sustainability education became the park’s focus.

Putting Green founders thought the blend of lighthearted family fun with the serious need to care for our environment seemed a perfect combination for success. Given what’s been accomplished, it’s apparent there are many who agree. Putting Green, Inc. formed in 2001 as a 501c3 nonprofit organization and leased a riverside property from the City of New Ulm. The park was designed and developed by young people with the help of mentors, educators and experts and opened its doors in 2005.

In 2008, the Growing Green was added to the campus. It is a two-acre commercial enterprise, providing fresh produce, herbs, and flowers. Located at the Park, Growing Green was initially a collaborative project with MRCI WorkSource, the largest provider of community-based supported employment in Minnesota, serving more than 3,000 people with disabilities in Southern Minnesota.

In 2013, the Growing Green transitioned to what is now the New Ulm Community Garden.  With available water, a fence designed to keep out even the most persistent deer, and many dedicated gardeners around to help out the beginners, the New Ulm Community Garden is a great option to help keep your food local and natural.

The mini golf closed it’s doors in 2017, but the New Ulm Community Garden has been able to remain open as an asset to the community.

Community Partners

  • United Way
  • Kraus Tree Service
  • River View Sanitation
  • City of New Ulm
  • Allina Neighborhood Healthy Connections Grant 2019
  • SHIP Grant 2019
  • CW Plumbing, INC
  • Hy-Vee New Ulm
  • Menards New Ulm