Design & Development

The process for developing the park is one of the most important aspects of our project and the key to its success. With the help of educators, science experts and design professionals, youth and adults have been working together in workshops and in classrooms to design to design various elements of Putting Green:

  • miniature golf learning stations
  • learning center building
  • landscaping
  • interpretive signage
  • website
  • business plan
  • artwork

The interactive design process has not only been educational and fun, it has created a sense of ownership that is essential if we want to truly engage people in the work of caring for our environment.

The design process has also led to the development of some strong lasting relationships. For example, our student’s designs were the inspiration for Science Museum of Minnesota’s “Big Backyard” mini golf park and we continue to work with SMM in ongoing programming and joint marketing.

Being Green
Not only are the individual exhibits be educational, the entire facility is a growing showcase of sustainable design and construction, demonstrating the use of cutting edge energy technologies and resource efficient materials. From the landscaping, to the concession food choices, to office supplies and building materials, the park highlights choices people can make for sustainability.

The Message Behind the Mini-Golf
The message for visitors to the park is that people can make a difference. Everyone has choices and what we choose has the power to transform our world. Our goal is that while people enjoy the park, they consider at least one new choice that could be made at home or in the workplace, that could help restore and protect the earth.